5. Where I will study ? (FET & private colleges)


There are 50 public FET Colleges in the country - go on:


FET colleges have not a good reputation (the pass rate is sometimes very low; teachers are not very motivated; teaching is too rhetorical...) but some of them are good (like the Germiston FET).

What do they offer?

 They offer a wide range of studies in engineering/artisans, services (hairdressing, child care, cosmetology, catering, commercial, tourism), business (secretary, financial, clerical work), computers, arts, agriculture, etc.

The studies are more practical than at Universities and sometimes more appropriate to work requirements. For instance, if you study accounting, you will do 18 months of theory and 18 months of internship in a company. At the end, you will get National Diploma, equivalent the one you get at University.  But you will have work experience and many employers prefer to hire someone who is already trained for the job.

There are also plenty of job opportunities for artisans (there will a shortage of 40 000 artisans until 2016), like electricians, carpenters, plumbers, etc.

The 3 years studies lead to a:

-       NCV (National Certificate Vocational) certificate:  an industry focused, 3 years certificate for learners who completed Grade 9.  The certificate is equivalent to Matric (NQF level 4). Actually students who enter with a Grade 11 or 12 are far more likely to graduate.
-       Nated (Nated National Technical Education) programmes : for learners who have completed Grade 12 lead to a national diploma (NQF level 6),

FET colleges offer also bridging courses in Math, Science and other subjects.
Students who qualify for financial assistance can get a loan from NSFAS. There also bursaries available for poor learners

.With a N3 or N4 diploma from a FET college, can you go to Varsity ?
The decision is taken by the head of faculty and you need outstanding results. 

Our advice:

-  Compare NCV courses at different colleges. Not every colleges offer all options.  If the college is far from home, check if it offers boarding facilities

Visit the FET College before enrolling with them, speak to learners and teachers and ask for career advice. One department in a college can be excellent while the other is the opposite. You need to do your own research... It is important to find out if the college is linked to an employer network (it will be easier to find a job once you graduate: find out from the college the percentage of its graduates that finds work and in what kind of jobs).
- check the level of the certificate (level 5-8)

-check the financial assistance provided by the college and what does it cover;
- Check registration dates, every Semester to be able to book your place and avoid disappointment. Some studies, like Engineering, are full after 2 days. The registration for 2013 is in January next year.

Private colleges offer a wide range of studies : degrees, diplomas, certificates (including a Higher certificate, which allows you to further your studies at University).

The quality and cost of the studies vary from one institution to another. Some of them offer bursaries, like Cida campus (excellent business studies) and nursing colleges (Medicare clinic in Sandton and  Ann Latsky College of Nursing). You often get more individual attention in a private college than a university or FET college because them being small.

Beware unregistered colleges : they offer qualifications which are not recognised or have little value on the job market. Also be carefull when you register for a short courses (less than a year) as most of them are not officially recognised and your certificate will have no value at all.

Some colleges offer a wide range of studies (IT, business, communication, tourism), like :

- Damelin (Randburg) -011 796 2000 – www.damelin.co.za

 - College Campus (Randburg – Parktown) 0861 25 32 76 . www.collegecampus.co.za (scholarships available and free career advise)

- Birnam business college (Corlett drive and Braamfontein)- 011 887 2545 -www.birnam.co.za - This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Some college are more specialised :

The Maharishi Institute ( Joburg CDB) offer 100 % bursaries to study  business (MBA), Management -Human Resources -Credit Management -Marketing Management -IT Management -Management Research, IT, ecology and nature conservation, call centre training, life skills, etc...studies provided by their partners.Maharishi Institute facilities for students accessing education through our accredited education partners.over 30 000 books library + a ‘Neo-cafe’  with high-speed internet facilities+kitchen with cooking facilities for 1000  +Learning Labs with 400 computers and a small gym and games room with table tennis, pool-snooker, and foosball– more info :www.maharishiinstitute.org - esalila@maharishinstitute.org -011 492 000

-Cida City (Lyndhurst, close to Alex) -bursaries available to study business (bachelor in business administration, MBA) --(0)11 887-4495- www.cida.co.za. Tuition is only about 500 rands/month (accomodation and food included) ! Full bursaries available for needy kids. This college has experienced funding problems in 2013...find out if these problems have been solved before registering.

- The Belgium campus (Pretoria) offer bursaries - excellent studies in IT (diploma and degree). Small classes. Internship in companies in RSA ad Europe. Job secured at the end of the studies. You can apply for 80 full bursaries (accommodation, medical aid and living allowance included from May to August, if your marks are above 60 %). last year, 9000 applications were received ! Scholarships are also available which cover 50 to 70 % of the tuition fees. You need to have at least 60 % in English and Math + an averadge of 60 % (Grade 11 marks or March/June)  www.belgiumcampus.co.za _
  (0) 12/542-3114
- Boston media house (Sandton) – management, IT, tourism, media -011 551 20 00 -011 883 0933 - http://www.boston.co.za  - offer bursaries

 Ann Larsky College (Auckland Park), nursing diploma and degree (4 years) - students get a R5000/month bursary paid by the Gauteng government. Register in April for the following year, as it is quickly full. about 400 students are admitted in 1st year. You need an APS of 25 or more. Courses in big auditorium and group works. The school has a computer center (97 computers), a library, simulation lab -
More info: go to any department of Labour in JHB/Ekurhuleni/Soweto/ on either Monday, Tues and Wednesday and they will help you register for this. You need your certified ID, matric certificates and any other certificates or qualifications that you may have.
.For more info: 011 644 8915 (please do  not call this blog number....we have nothing to do with this college)

IMM (distance learning school of marketing) – 0861 IMM GSM

- Travel learning centre  www.travellearningcentre.co.za – 011 791 36 40
- Face to Face – beauty and make-up design school – 011 726 8166 – bursaries offered by Old Mutual

-African Academy (Bocksburg) – (011) 914-4340 - technical drawing and design – Bursaries  offered - info@africanacademy.co.za

- Torque IT – 0861 867783 – www.torque-it.com – IT diplomas

Our advice :
- check for the open day of each college and visit them ;

- choose a college close to your home to minimise transport cost and time ;

- Check if the college is registered with the Department of Education and if the qualification is registered  ! Call  0800 87 22 22 or 012 312 5320  go on Saqa website (http://www.saqa.org.za/docs/misc/phei/lphei051311.pdf). Get the college’s brochure and check if details correspond with the details on the Department’s register.

- Ask if the course is recognized by SAQA or NQF (National Qualifications Framework) before you register !

- check if the exams are internationally recognised (in IT, for instance)

- check the level of education (NQF) - higher the level is, better it is !

-  check the academic/social facilities/career advise services/bursaries/student loan ;

-  check the admission criteria/ fees and cancellation rules, the passrate of the college ;

- contact former students to get their opinion (ask references from the college and student testimonials) ;

- visit the college with a friend or family member and ask to see where you will study, what academic and social facilities are on offer ; what is the passrate and if the latest technology are used (for IT or any technical training)

- check the requirements relating to admissions, exams and academic progress, study fees and cancellation rules ;

- check if the college uses the latest technology, has back-up of online learning, if the diploma involveds also practical training and work-readiness skills

- check the record of placement of students in employment and links with relevant companies in the private sector

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